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Photo of José Pascal
José Pascal
José Pascal is a young designer from the world of architecture. His playful creativity is nourished by his unique sense of the space surrounding a piece of furniture. Moreover, his passion for the Fifties has inspired him to introduce certain features from that era in his creations.
Photo of Nicola Santini, Pier Paolo Taddei
Nicola Santini, Pier Paolo Taddei
Nicola Santini and Pier Paolo Taddei of Avatar Architettura are two Italian architects and designers. Their creations carefully consider the environmental implications and ecological alternatives. In architecture as in the design, project strategies emphasize flexible systems, diversity and recycled materials.
Photo of Meghedi Simonian
Meghedi Simonian
Meghedi is a designer who creates a dialogue between the world of graphic design and the contemporary furniture. The elegance of her creations is the balance between functionality and visual research. Aesthetic correctness at materials service characterizes her approach.
Photo of Oumar Kanaan
Oumar Kanaan
Oumar Kanaan is a designer who combines conceptual aesthetic and narration in his creations. Thus, he considers that an object tells a story as it makes sensible an idea. In his work on the furniture, he explores the area of the genesis of forms depending on the practical conditions of utility and possibility.
Photo of Friday Project
Friday Project
Friday Project is a collective based in Amsterdam, formed by Valentina Raffaelli, a multidisciplinary designer and Luca Boscardin, illustrator and toy designer. During their Friday off, they like playing with shapes and materials to transform drawings in objects and furnitures. FridayProjects's furnitures are designed with a graphical approach, lines which respond to specific needs with a simple and direct sign in their shape. Products designed with a conscious use of form, material and texture encapsulated in functional objects. The simplicity of the construction bring to life the spontaneous and frank intentions of a drawing, creating a balance between functionality and a strong aesthetic.
Photo of Atelier130
Nathalie Habr and Halim Khoriaty are two Lebanese architects and designers that founded atelier130 in 2010. Their work is molded by their experience of Beirut, a place where they grew, learned and practiced their profession. Their ideas and designs emerge from the context of each project and evolve in conversation with it. Taking on projects of different scales, they are committed to putting the users' needs first; all the while keeping in mind the role that architecture and design can play in their environment.
Photo of Redhood
RedHood design agency founded in 2015 by four partners, set any creative limits. Their work like to gather a collective process. Combinaison between a conceptual and experimental approach, the agency form a singular, multicultural and ambitious shift where every personality is highlighted.
Photo of AC/AL Studio
AC/AL Studio
Founded by Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot, AC/AL Studio propose a epure, sober and accurate design. The complementary and creative duo play with geometry working on elegant and classic lines.
Photo of Hamid Bekradi
Hamid Bekradi
Iranian designer, Hamid Bekradi created his own studio in 2014 in Milano. It is defined through multidisciplinary projects. His motto? Curiosity + Courage = Creativity, a combinaison which reflect perfectly his avant-garde work.
Photo of Kann Studio
Kann Studio
Houssam Kanaan and Meghedi Simonian, Kann founders surround themselves with young talents to create Kann Studio. Designers like Helene Labadie, Guillaume Rousseau…come from different horizons who never stop renew and revisit the brand’s spirit.
Photo of Michael Yazbeck
Michael Yazbeck
Michael Yazbeck is a Beirut-based architect, founder and creative director of Tree, a design house specialized in lighting design and manufacturing. In his own studio he designs, experiments and produces his unique designs for apartments, restaurants and bars. Leading a specialized team of designers and craftsmen, he earned his reputation in the field of custom decorative lighting in Lebanon.
Photo of Jean Couvreur
Jean Couvreur
Jean Couvreur created his design studio of objects and spaces in 2010. He works with different companies and French institutions. The studio tries to reveal the essence of the objects around us through a simple and basic drawing.
Photo of Nicolas Lalande
Nicolas Lalande
After having completed product design studies in London and Lausanne, He currently works for Pierre Yves Rochon in Paris, an interior design agency, for whom he designs custom furniture for the upscale hotel business.