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EKO: transparency games

It is in the concept of transparency that Studio Caramel designers Karl Chucri and Rami Boushdid have found inspiration for EKO shelves, which come in two versions: high or low.
"We wanted to create a minimalist shelving system, which allows transparency as well as opacity," says Rami Boushdid. "The result is an extremely geometric system, inspired by the exquisite horizontal lines found in mid-century modern visual culture." Very modern and with a lot of attention to details, EKO is a piece with a structured and out of the ordinary look that will put your most beautiful objects in value.
As simple as this piece may seem, it has proved to be very complex in terms of production. "The challenge with simple appearance pieces, is to control all the details, because they become extremely important and visible," says the designer. "This challenge has been overcome thanks to the help of the professional craftsmen of the Atelier Kanaan."
Formed in 2016 by designer duo Karl Chucri and Rami Boushdid, Studio Caramel is a Beirut product design studio. Furniture, objects and interior solutions share a great sensitivity: the pieces are both refined and robust, with remarkable and imposing silhouettes. With a certain taste for details and bold materials, the Studio Caramel duo gives birth to both innovative and unusual pieces.