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Or du Monde jewelry by José Pascal

OR DU MONDE is a jewelery brand that supports the made in France and traditional know-how. Eager to offer their customers a warm and original store in which they can find the perfect piece of jewelry, OR DU MONDE family asked the architect José Pascal to create their new shop. He designed and thought an intimate space by using the Kann workshop for the manufacture of custom made furniture perfectly integrated into their space.

7 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires 75002 Paris

OR DU MONDE, an ethical jewelry brand & a family business
Created in 2003 by the family PAVAN (Hélène and Christian and their two children, Sacha and Margot), OR DU MONDE is on a mission to provide people beautiful gems and diamonds of the earth that have been ethically and sustainably sourced. The main objective is to give people a sustainable and ethical alternative to the current jewelry industry. The majority of diamonds and other precious gems are mined under horrendous human rights violations. OR DU MONDE know exactly where their gemstones have come from, and who has removed them from the earth. Plus, diamonds and gemstones’ OR DU MONDE are all traceable, with a certified country of origin ! OR DU MONDE only use recycled metals such as recycled gold for all of their jewelry, free from any environmental impact ! In fact, there is enough gold on the planet to meet the needs of the jewellery industry for the next 50 years. OR DU MONDE is also dedicated to promote the French know-how. All jewelry pieces crafted in their Parisian workshop !

Why we are using recycled gold
To extract gold from the rock it was necessary to use cyanide to separate the pure gold from the rest of the minerals, thus causing a great deal of damage to the living conditions of local people and destroying whole ecosystems. Good to know : 3 grams of gold involves 1500 litres of wasted water, 10 grams of mercury, 100 grams of cyanide and 5 tonnes of mining waste!

Why we are using ethical diamonds
To extract one carat of diamond, you had to move about 1,800 tons of dirt, creating almost irreversible environmental damages. And that the uncontrolled exploitation of diamonds, often done in violent working conditions and violating human rights, was also often used to finance rebel movements leading to civil wars.